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3M 8210 N95 Disposable Dust Mask

Nurse's Hat

YH211-2 Crash Cart ( with accessory )

UYH066-2 ABS Bedside cabinet with wooden texture

UYH084 Stainless steel examination bed

UYH151-3 Stainless steel Disinfection tray

UATPW550 Dual-purpose sensor liquid alcohol sprayer

UBTS351 Infrared Bluetooth Ear Thermometer

3M 9105 Dust Mask

Protective sleeves

YH207 Powder Painting Crash cart

UYH067 Sitting and lying companion bed and chair (stainless steel)

UYH085 Folding Examination Bed

UYH151-4 Stainless steel Instrument box

UATP70 Charging induction special alcohol sprayer, hand sterilization, epidemic prevention artifact

Stereoscopic Cotton Masks

Shoe cover

YH103 Crash Cart(with writing board)