Hospital supplies and equipment Ward Furniture

UYH061-1 Alternating Air Bed

UYH062 Flat mattress

UYH062-1 Flat mattress

UYH062-3 3" Flat mattress

UYH062-4 4” Flat mattress

UYH064 Durable Mattress (12cm)

UYH064-1 Durable Mattress

UYH065 Bedside table

UYH066 Bedside table (High)

UYH066-1 ABS Plastic Steel Bedside Cabinet

UYH066-2 ABS Bedside cabinet with wooden texture

UYH067 Sitting and lying companion bed and chair (stainless steel)

UYH067-1 Widening bed and chair (stainless steel)

UYH068 Overbed Table (Laminated)

UYH068-1 Overbed Table (Steel)

UYH068-4 Overbed Table (ABS)

UYH068-5 Deluxe Overbed Table

UYH068-6 Overbed Table (tiled)