Hospital supplies and equipment Nursing workstation

UGSH873 Electronic Blood pressure gauge

Glucose Meter-MIT-UGSH-BGM952 / UGSH-BGM952T

UGSH651 Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

UGSH252 Bluetooth Body Fat Meter-MIT

UMD-720P Portable blood oxygen concentration monitor (for newborns)

UM151 - Baby scale

UM351 - Height and weight scale

UM551 - Seat weight scale

UM553 - Wheelchair scale

SafeSeal® Quattro Dual Indicator Self-adhesive Sterilization Bag

Flat heat-sealing sterilization tube bag

Three-dimensional heat-sealing sterilization tube bag

UYH075 Three-rocker emergency push bed

UYH076 Emergency push bed with two rockers

UYH077 Two-fold portable emergency push bed with 8" wheels

UYH078 Two-fold portable emergency push bed with 5" wheels

UYH079 Flat transport push bed (bed surface can be separated)

UYH080 Small transport and push bed (legs can be placed vertically)