Hospital supplies and equipment 

YH206 Powder Paint UD Medicine Trolley( with 40 drawers)

UYH052-1 Home-style three-rocker hand-operated hospital bed

UYH061-1 Alternating Air Bed

UYH148 Four-corner sewage car

UGSH873 Electronic Blood pressure gauge

SafeSeal® Quattro Dual Indicator Self-adhesive Sterilization Bag

Flat heat-sealing sterilization tube bag

Three-dimensional heat-sealing sterilization tube bag

U80357 Electrosurgical pencil - disposable, hand-controlled

Glucose Meter-MIT-UGSH-BGM952 / UGSH-BGM952T

YH107-1 Stainless Steel UD Medicine Trolley (with 30 drawers)

UYH054 Luxurious two-rocker hospital bed (plastic steel)

UYH062 Flat mattress

UYH075 Three-rocker emergency push bed

UYH076 Emergency push bed with two rockers

UYH114 Dirty clothes car (canvas bag)

U80257 Electrosurgical pencil - hand-controlled, non expendable

YH107-2 Stainless Steel UD Medicine Trolley (with 40 drawers)