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UYH152-2 Tablet Counter (With graduation)

UYH154 Bedpan

UYH154-1 Bedpan (Orthopedics)

UYH155 Bedpan Cart

UYH201 Mortar and Pestle

UYH157 Sterilization of Baby`s Bottle

UYH158 UV Sterilization Cabinet

UYH159 UV Sterilization Lamp

UYH159-1 UV Sterilization Lamp (Expand)

UYH195 Diaper Cart

UYH203 Supersonic Cart

UYH199 Cutting Stand

UH189 Vertical Oxygen Holder

UYH189-1 Vertical Oxygen Stand (Single Bottle)

UYH189-2 Vertical Oxygen Stand (2 Bottle)

UYH160 Oxygen Carrier (500L)

UYH160-1 Oxygen Carrier (1500L)

UYH162 Oxygen Carrier (6000L)