Hospital supplies and equipment Nursing workstation

UYH098 Treatment Cart (with two drawers on the lower level)

UYH099 Treatment Cart (with two drawers on the upper layer)

UYH100 Two-layer treatment cart (with two drawers on the upper layer)

UYH101 three-layer treatment cart (upper layer with two drawers)

UYH102 Instrument cart (three drawers with lock)

UYH103 Emergency cart (board attached)

UYH104 Emergency cart (writing board lift type, board attached)

UYH105 Anesthesia Trolley

UYH570 Plastic steel UD medicine cart for 40 people

UYH550 Trash can (withstand 50kg)

UYH551 Plastic steel two-story trolley

UYH551-1 Plastic steel two-story trolley (plus hoarding)

UYH552 Plastic steel three-layer trolley

UYH552-1 Plastic steel three-layer cart (plus hoarding)

UYH566 Plastic Steel Emergency Work Vehicle

UYH567 Plastic Steel Anesthesia Work Vehicle

UYH568 Plastic-steel Multifunctional Nursing Work Vehicle

UYH569 Plastic Steel Nursing Work Vehicle