Hospital supplies and equipment Nursing workstation

UYH082 Luxurious hydraulic emergency push bed (single hydraulic cylinder)

UYH082-1 ​​Hydraulic emergency push bed (double hydraulic cylinder)

UYH083 Portable gynecological examination bed (made of stainless steel)

UYH084-2 Electric Lifting Examination Bed

UYH084 Stainless steel examination bed

UYH085 Folding Examination Bed

UYH085-1 Folding examination bed (with hole)

UYH085-3 Aluminum alloy folding examination bed (with hole)

UYH085-4 Aluminum Alloy Folding Examination Bed (with hole) Height 60cm

UYH090 Suction device holder (for sputum suction machine)

UYH091 Suction rack (with drawer)

UYH092 Instrument Trolley (The drawer has gaps)

UYH093 Two-story car (upper concave type)

UYH094 Two-story car (upper plane type)

UYH094-2 Two-story car

UYH095 Three-layer treatment cart

UYH096 Two-layer angle steel car

UYH097 Three-layer angle steel car