Hospital supplies and equipment Rehab

UYH293 Sandbag Throwing Board (Color)

UYH294 Round bead horizontal tower

UYH295 Round bead vertical tower

UYH296 Double Cylindrical Socket

UYH297 Cylindrical Socket

UYH298 Square plug-in board

UYH299 OT Chess set (concavity on the board)

UYH300 Shape plug-in board group (twelve type)

UYH300-1 Shape plug board group (three, four, six, twelve type)

UYH301 Shift board

UYH302 Shoulder Joint Movable Arc Frame

UYH314 Abduction Separating Pillow

UYH303 Groove directional board

UYH304 Sandbag

UYH305 Cone Cup