Hospital supplies and equipment Rehab

UYH256 Treatment table (Large)

UYH256-1 Treatment table (Small)

UYH256-2 Butterfly table

UYH258 Hand-operated tilting bed (iron)

UYH260 Electric tilting bed (up and down)

UYH260-1 Electric Lifting Tilting Bed

UYH260-2 Electric Lifting Three Folding Therapy Bed

UYH261 Knee Exerciser

UYH262 Hand Foot Exerciser (Hand & Foot linkage)

UYH263-1 Simple exercise bike (single tube)

UYH263-2 Folding Sports Bike

UYH264 Weight Rally (two-stage)

UYH265 Shoulder Wheel

UYH266 Shoulder Wrist

UYH267 Wrist wheel (two-seater)

UYH286 Balance stimulation board

UYH287 Foot matte board (top bunk board)

UYH288 Height Support 15cm (1 pair 2 pcs)