Hospital supplies and equipment 

YH107-4 Stainless Steel UD Medicine Trolley (with 60 drawers)

UYH058 Three-fold, Two-rocking Hospital bed

UYH062-4 4” Flat mattress

UYH079 Flat transport push bed (bed surface can be separated)

UYH117 Instrument tray (4 wheels)

U80356 Electrosurgical pencil - foot-controlled, non expendable, lengthened

YH108-1 Medicine Cart

UYH059 Two-fold, One-rocking Hospital bed

UYH064 Durable Mattress (12cm)

UYH080 Small transport and push bed (legs can be placed vertically)

UYH118 Instrument tray (2 wheels)

Electrode plate & Wiring - disposable

YH108-2 Medicine Cart(with accessories)

UYH060 Flat Simple Hospital Bed

UYH064-1 Durable Mattress

UYH082 Luxurious hydraulic emergency push bed (single hydraulic cylinder)

UYH119 Operating room with tray

Bipolar Forcep and Cable