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UYH080 Small transport and push bed (legs can be placed vertically)

UYH118 Instrument tray (2 wheels)

Round bottom centrifuge tube 15mL

Electrode plate & Wiring - disposable

N95 (A) Face Mask

YH108-2 Medicine Cart(with accessories)

Povidone Lodine

UYH060 Flat Simple Hospital Bed

UYH064-1 Durable Mattress

UYH082 Luxurious hydraulic emergency push bed (single hydraulic cylinder)

UYH119 Operating room with tray

Round bottom centrifuge tube 50mL

Bipolar Forcep and Cable

KN95 (B) Face Mask

YH109 Dispensing Trolley (with 40 drawers)

Ethanol 75%

UYH065 Bedside table

UYH082-1 ​​Hydraulic emergency push bed (double hydraulic cylinder)